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Eyes Aflame is all about Creativity.

And creativity is a skill.
For those of you who've ever said "I wish I were creative" or "I just don't get creative people" or "My creativity is totally blocked," here's the deal: creativity is like riding a bike.
Just about anyone can learn to do it, and the earlier you start, the easier it is. Not everyone is going to be a professional cyclist or win races, but almost anyone can learn to use a bike to get from Point A to Point B and most likely have a good time doing it.
With riding a bike, half the battle is learning the mechanics: how to balance, how to shift gears, how to brake. The rest is faith - trusting in those two skinny wheels and your own momentum, and knowing that if you fall, you can get back on and try again. Learning creativity is the same way - it's a mix of building concrete skills and developing the attitudes that make it possible for you to use those skills effectively.
And I'm here to help you hop on that ten-speed and fly.
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