with Bridget Benton: Igniting Your Creative Spark

Upcoming Workshops:

Waxy Weekend: Encaustic Luminaria - Portland, OR

Come play with wax, paper and light while making beautiful encaustic luminaria!  You'll learn to use wax fountain pens, ink and brushes to create batik-like effects on paper and learn how to incorporate personal imagery with collage.  The finished paper will be mounted on a lantern form and lit from within. No encaustic experience needed! Friday, August 22, 10:30-5:30 at Collage on Alberta.  Click here for more information.

Waxy Weekend: Natural Impressions - Ink, Wax, Plaster - Portland, OR

The ultimate mixed media experience!  In this two-day, beginner-friendly class, you’ll learn multiple ways to take advantage of the wonderful ways that encaustic can mix with plaster, collage, and natural materials.  Because encaustic paint is a mixture of filtered beeswax and tree resin, it’s a “natural fit” with casts and prints of found objects like shells, bones, and leaves.  Saturday August 23 and Sunday August 24, 10:30-5:30 at Collage on Alberta. Click here for more information.

Cast Resin Jewelry

Plastic resin is an incredibly flexible material for making jewelry - and this class covers it all! If you've always wanted to make your own found-object and re-purposed jewelry - or if you're a mixed media jewelry buff looking to add some skills - you will want to take this class.  You’ll learn basic jewelry-making techniques along with three different ways to cast resin. We’ll embed objects in a pre-fab jewelry mold, quick cast using handmade molds, and even reproduce 3D found objects! You’ll learn to color your resin and how to turn your creations into earrings and pendants. Saturday August 30 and Sunday August 31, 11am-3pm both days at Collage on Alberta.  Click here for more information.

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Eyes Aflame is all about Creativity.

And creativity is a skill. 

For those of you who've ever said "I wish I were creative" or "I just don't get creative people" or "My creativity is totally blocked," here's the deal: creativity is like riding a bike. 

Just about anyone can learn to do it, and the earlier you start, the easier it is.  Not everyone is going to be a professional cyclist or win races, but almost anyone can learn to use a bike to get from Point A to Point B and most likely have a good time doing it.

With riding a bike, half the battle is learning the mechanics: how to balance, how to shift gears, how to brake.  The rest is faith - trusting in those two skinny wheels and your own momentum, and knowing that if you fall, you can get back on and try again.  Learning creativity is the same way - it's a mix of building concrete skills and developing the attitudes that make it possible for you to use those skills effectively.

And I'm here to help you hop on that ten-speed and fly.