Rediscover the Joy of ArtMaking
Approaching creativity as a form of spiritual practice, artist and creativity guide Bridget Benton breaks the creative process down into its most basic components and offers a fresh perspective on developing your creative skills. Whether you are creatively blocked, burned out, or just want to further explore the world of making, you can make art and have fun doing it.
With 24 hands-on Artful Explorations – interesting and varied enough to suit both beginners and professionals – this “workshop in a book” helps you:
  • Make art that reflects your authentic inner voice
  • Practice the 12 Actions and Attitudes of artmaking that support creative flow
  • Develop a more consistent practice with your artmaking
  • Engage with your art in a meaningful and mindful way
  • Move more easily through resistance, judgment and other blocks
  • Create a more connected, intuitive and playful relationship with your artmaking
Full color, 170 pages, and over 200 full-color illustrations - all to support you in more intuitive, joyous, spontaneous and connected artmaking. (Scroll down for more information and to read what people are saying about this book)
What people are saying about The Creative Conversation:
Winner, 2012 Nautilus Book Awards Gold, Creative Process
Winner, 2012 Nautilus Book Awards Silver, Self-Help/Personal Growth
Winner, 2012 IPPY Book Awards Silver, Craft Hobby/How-To
Finalist, 2012 Ben Franklin Book Awards, Mind-Body-Soul
“Artmaking as Playful Prayer taught me how to look for the story that my art was needing to tell . . . Learning to trust my intuition allowed me to take my own work to a whole new level.”
– Robyn Williams, artist and Artmaking as Playful Prayer workshop participant
"I've known all my life, deep down, that I am an artist. I never had any formal training, because my parents were more interested in my pursuing something clean, like music. Now in my 40's, I am embracing my love for art as a verb, not a noun. I've been afraid to attempt to create anything for years (decades, now) because without that formal training, I never knew that art was a process, not an outcome. I had often suspected it, but it wasn't until Bridget and her book that I really understood. Approaching art from a peaceful, spiritual place brings forth some amazing results. I can't wait to finish all the exercises. I also wish I lived closer to her, so I could take her classes. Now that I know the secret behind the magic, I want to create more!"
-kjgoddess, on Amazon
“ . . . Bridget Benton has elevated the discussion of process arts. Her thoughtful and in-depth exploration of making art for art's sake -- that is, for experience and enrichment rather than product -- makes this a breakthrough book. It will serve as a beacon for a new generation of creative people, as well as deepen the conversation for those already interested in bringing the metaphor of art-as-a-way-of-being more fully into their lives.”
-Stewart Cubley, coauthor of Life, Paint & Passion and director of The Painting Experience
“. . . Bridget Benton will draw you in and gently guide you on a journey. In her new book, The Creative Conversation she articulates how art and spirituality are connected and takes you through wonderful step-by-steps on how to engage your spiritual side by utilizing your imagination, intelligence and heart. Her directness and honesty are refreshing . . . This book is a MUST READ for anyone interested in growing both artistically and spiritually. “
–Bee Shay, author of Collage Lab
“If the idea of creativity as a spiritual practice excites you, then you'll love this book. If that idea scares you, this book will take you gently by the hand and help you past those fears. Either way, you'll soon be making yourself a more vibrant life.”
– Diane Gilleland, former editor of CRAFT online and author of Kanzashi in Bloom"Bridget's book is amazing, beautiful and so speaks to the heart. I started reading it and could not put it down. My heart/soul/spirit kept saying 'listen up' because you recognize what she is saying as your truth . . . Thank you Bridget for a truly remarkable experience."
- Ruth Ann Skodacek, artist
"I thought this book would be added to my stack of to-read bedside inspirational art books. Not so. Ms. Benton writes thought provoking, innovative and motivational ideas not just for artists but for anyone wanting to awaken their creative spirit."
- Diane Bailey Haug, on Amazon
"This was the answer I wanted to the spontaneous art method I had read about. Gives lots of details about the method and play by play view of how to do the process. Really LOVED the book. Really worth it..."
-Kaliya, on Amazon
"Both the accessible essays and the creative exercises will help you get in touch with your inner artist even if you don't think one exists. I love this book."
-Margaret Marcuson, author of "Leaders Who Last: Sustaining Yourself and Your Ministry"

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