About Sober Play:
Dr. Kelly and Bridget Benton share a history of compulsive behaviors and a belief that anyone can be creative. They both know that the same things you need for recovery are the same things you need for creativity: willingness, courage and perseverance.
Jill Kelly, PhD, has 23 years of sobriety from alcohol under her belt, and in this book, she shares her story and the ways that creative play changed her life and strengthened her recovery. Dr. Kelly, the author of several published novels, also shares tips for getting started with writing and a variety of other creative mediums. Bridget Benton contributes insights on creativity and the 12 steps as well as ideas for approaching visual artmaking in an easy, playful way.
You or someone you love may benefit from this book if they:
  • Always wanted to be creative, but weren't sure how to start
  • Have a strong desire to express themselves or share their story
  • Are looking for meaning in their lives
  • Want to replace a harmful habit with one that feeds them
  • Need an infusion of joy and play
  • Are searching for a hands-on way to feed their spirit
  • Are new to recovery
  • Feel restless or anxious without the addictive behavior
What People Are Saying About "Sober Play":
"Sober Play is a smart, heartfelt, and useful book that artfully weaves together the values of 12-step programs and important aspects of the creative process into a helpful introduction to creative self-expression."
-Eric Maisel, author of "Creative Recovery" and "Coaching the Artist Within"
"Not just for folks in recovery! Jill Kelly's book, Sober Play, is a great book to help anyone get into a more creative mind-set. Whether you think you're an artist or are positive you're not, this book can help you find ways to spark your creative self into action. The exercises are for everyone, and really help you think about creativity, and how you can incorporate more of it into your life. It's a great read and very intuitive. I found myself nodding my head with many of Jill's comments and examples. I would recommend this book to everyone looking to find a new outlet as a great way to get started, or get re-started."
-Melanie St. John, on Amazon
"Using this book has helped me foster a habit of creativity to replace old habits that don't serve my physical and emotional health. Since I've never been an artist or done art making since grade school, it didn't occurred to me to even try it, much less actively pursue it as a means to foster my sobriety. But I am discovering that writing is helping me in the most remarkable way! I appreciate that this book is written for regular people like me (vs only artists), and that it offers such a variety of options and suggestions. I'm considering delving into collaging next. This book is an excellent resource that I'm finding very helpful, encouraging and supportive."
-CW, on Amazon
"I encourage persons in the helping profession; counselors, therapists, ministers, social workers, etc. to have this book available for your clients/care receivers. I also encourage anyone wanting to gain intention and strengthen their life force to get this book! Jill Kelly and co-contributer, Bridget Benton, carve out a path of play and creativity that offer depth and meaning."
-Beth A. Easter, on Amazon

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