I love to build layers, to explore patterns, and to combine disparate images in such a way that the meaning of the objects come into question. It's no wonder that collage is one of my primary ways of warming up creatively, and that collage techniques show up in almost all of my work.

I make up creative collage challenges for myself, just to keep myself making things. Maybe doing a collage a day for a month or making collages when I travel using only things I can pick up for free. I'll also do collages  using only squares, or starting with strips of paper.

One of the tricky things about doing collage is trying to use only copyright-free or public domain images for anything that gets sold or reproduced. I've been growing more and more conscientious about this - and for work that I show, I use my own prints and reproductions of my own photographs. But - as you can tell from many of the images shown here as samples - I still turn to old favorites like National Geographic when I'm doing little collages in my journal, or samples for classes. I like the idea, too, of reclaiming the visuals I get inundated with - like in ads, wrapping paper, and junk mail - and incorporating them into my own artwork. But, I figure if Rauschenberg can get sued (and lose), anyone can.

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