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I provide support in the care and feeding of your creative fire, whether applying creative skills is a critical part of your job or you're just beginning to explore your creative side. We can all get blocked, burned out, frustrated and mystified by the workings of our own creative process.
Sometimes we get jealous of what we think of as other people's creative talent, and it feels as though we never had the ability to be creative in the first place, or like we lost it in childhood. Maybe we try to create and the voice of the Internal Critic starts whispering in our ear and takes all the fun out of it.
As a creative professional, it can feel like we're creativity fakes just producing what the market demands or, it can feel like creating has become such a routine that it's lost all its personal joy and passion.
The simple truth is that everyone is creative. Creativity is a spark that all of us possess, and it is a skill that any of us can develop - no matter how we choose to express that creativity. I have a deep faith in each individual's innate creative ability and will work with you to help you discover your own spark and build your creative skills so that you can meet your goals - whether it's to finally start drawing again or to begin to take yourself more seriously as an artist.

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