Creativity and Shadow Transformation Coaching

Moving Through Blocks into Creative Flow

How we do art is how we do life.


I offer coaching as a way to support professional and aspiring artists, writers, and other creatives to rediscover and express their authentic creative voice.  I believe that all of us are born creative, and that as we move through life, we have experiences that either increase our access to that creative energy or block it off.  Since I began doing this work in 2007, I have found that moving the creative blocks causes shifts that echo through our entire lives - and vice versa.


Using the language of Carl Jung, I call these blocks "shadows." These are parts of ourselves that we repress that then show up in undesireable ways and keep us from living as our full selves. These shadows might take the form of the internal critic, fatigue, boredom, or inaction. The greatest part of what I do in any coaching session is to work with you to engage these parts of yourself, transform the shadows, and mine them for the gold they contain.


I also believe that we learn skills and adopt mental and emotional practices that either support our creative efforts or hinder them. The more traditional piece of my coaching practice involves using those skills and practices as ways of anchoring the transformation of your creative shadows.


As a Professional Creative, Coaching might benefit you if you are:

  • Stuck or Blocked
  • Bored in your Career
  • Ready to Transform your style or Venture into new media
  • Unable to Create as Effortlessly and Joyfully as you used to
  • Plagued by the Voice of the Internal Critic
  • Struggling to take your Art to the Next Level


As a Struggling or Aspiring Creative, Coaching might benefit you if you are:

  • Longing to be Creative, but Doubting your Abilities
  • Hesitating to Trust your Creative Instincts
  • Missing the Creative Joy you had as a kid
  • Putting off Creating until you have the Time for it
  • Fighting with the Voice of the Inner Critic
  • Struggling to Make Art Consistently


Together, we will:

  • Look at what you really want and set clear itentions
  • Identify what's holding you back
  • Transform your creative shadows
  • Build creative skills and practices to anchor the shifts and carry you forward

Coaching is held either by phone/Zoom or in person at my home studio in West Asheville, NC, 28806, USA. The Zoom or physical address will be given at registration.

For more information about my qualifications, please view my resume. For more information about my approach, feel free to contact me directly or check out my book, The Creative Conversation: Artmaking as Playful Prayer.

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