Custom Creativity Classes for Businesses and Organizations

Businesses and organization often have special requirements when it comes to organizing a creativity class, fun break, or team building event. As a trained facilitator, I can work with you to design a workshop that will help you meet your goals - whether that's giving your team a break during a long and arduous strategic planning session, or training them to be more creative thinkers.
Artmaking is a wonderful stress reliever, and can help teams take on different roles and recognize hidden talents in each other. It's fun. Artmaking - and creative play in general - can also be leveraged to help your team function with more humor, flexibility, and effectiveness.
In addition to the regular art workshops I offer under Custom Classes, I offer programs for businesses and organizations that help teams learn more about creative problem solving, brainstorming, and how to leverage their own creative style.
Contact me and let me know more about the number of people you're looking to get involved and what your organization needs - the challenges you're facing and your goals - and I'll work with you to develop a unique proposal.

Sample Creativity Classes for Businesses and Organizations:

Brainstorming Bootcamp Too often brainstorming sessions turn into brain drizzle, with one or two people dominating and ideas getting shot down before they can be developed. Learn how to harness the creativity of the group more effectively by learning more about how the creative process works, and how to structure brainstorming sessions so that they result in actionable ideas.

Anatomy of Creativity (with or without FourSight Assessment) The creative problem solving process is what we all intuitively do when faced with a vague, difficult, or poorly defined problem. And all of us know that business is just one vague, difficult, and poorly defined problem after another. Learn more about the creative problem solving cycle, and discover which of the stages each member of your team has a natural preference for. Learn to leverage those preferences to make your team function more efficiently. "Anatomy of Creativity" is based on the theories of creative problem solving as defined by Dr. Gerard Puccio in his FourSight system. As a certified FourSight facilitator, I can guide your team through the FourSight assessment and help them apply the results to be more effective individual problem solvers and work better as a team. For more information about FourSight, visit their website here.

Creativity Mythbusters A great intro to any artmaking event, this short presentation addresses the most common creativity myths - and busts them wide open. Learn why you are probably a lot more creative than you think you are - and then follow it up with a fun artmaking session for your group. Sure to get people thinking and talking.

Clients include: Nike, The Portland Center for the Performing Arts, The Johnson Center for Pelvic Health
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