Creativity Break Workshops
Creativity Break Workshops are designed for folks who want to take a little break from their everyday lives to explore a different aspect of their creativity. Full time oil painters can try making jewelry; health-care workers can do a little collage; CEO's can make shrines. It's hard to take the time to do these things on our own - I know teaching the classes helps keep my own creative juices flowing and I hope it does so for you.
Certainly each class teaches techniques and skills, and at the same time, is designed to allow for discovery and experimentation. I want to help you accomplish what you want to accomplish - whether that's making a small gift or finally learning how to use Paintstiks or just having an evening off to play.

I offer Creativity Break workshops at my home studio, Hearth, in West Asheville, NC. The studio is located on Hazel Mill, near Louisiana, with easy access by car from Patton. As this is my private home, the exact address will be given only at registration.

I'm always adding new workshops and investigating new locations. I also love to travel, and have taught at national events like Art Unraveled in Arizona, EncaustiCon, and the annual Nature Printing Society Workshop. So feel free to contact me if you have a venue in another city where you'd like to see classes offered!

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