Cigar Box Shrines
This marvelous class gives those looking to celebrate, release, or honor a particular person or event an incredible outlet for expression! Even if you don't have a specific purpose in mind, learning to construct shadowboxes and shrines is an easy entry into the wonderful world of assemblage and 3-D artmaking.
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Cigar Box Shrines
Honor, acknowledge, release or embrace a piece of your life, history or spirituality in a playful and creative way! We’ll look at images of shrines and altars from a variety of spiritual traditions, cultures, and artists to stir up your creative juices and then – we’ll dive in!
Learn the basics of construction - including how to create niches and divide up the space - as well as getting the low-down on adhesives. Wondering how the heck to attach a jawbone to a cigar box? I've got answers! You'll also learn how to effectively use tissue paper, acrylic paints, collage materials, and encrustation techniques to create backgrounds and surfaces for the objects in your shrine.
The cost includes all instructions and supplies, including the cigar box of your choice, paints, collage materials, embellishments, and ephemera. Bring color photocopies or originals of any images or words that are important to you, as well as any objects or materials you might want to include.
Sample Project Gallery
What People Say About This Class:
"Love the combo of spirituality and creativity - very cathartic!" W.G., Portland, OR
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