Encaustic Workshops

Encaustic Luminaria: Wax & Light
In this beginner-friendly workshop, we'll be using wax-based paint on paper to create beautiful, glowing lanterns. Encaustic paint saturates the paper, making the paper stiff, water resistant and slightly translucent – a great material for folding and shaping.
We'll cover several ways of decorating the paper, including using stencils, ink, encaustic paint, and a wax fountain pen. We can decorate the paper before we apply wax or you can use the wax paint to create your pattern. The wax can also be used as a resist to create batik-style effects. I’ll also show you collage techniques that allow you to incorporate stamped or found imagery.
Everyone will have the opportunity to work on up to three lanterns. All materials included. Feel free to bring your own rubber stamps and mylar stencils. For the collage component, feel free to bring your own one-sided images (laser-printed, photocopied, or bleed-resistant inkjet images work best – nothing that smears when wet!). For collage materials, the thinner the paper, the better – that way, you don’t lose translucency. Or, you can dig through my stash at class time!
What you'll learn:
  • The basics of using encaustic paint on paper
  • Using stencils with encaustic on paper
  • Creating batik effects with wax and ink on paper
  • Drawing with a wax fountain pen to create designs on paper
  • How to collage on paper using encaustic medium
  • How to build a simple lantern from encaustic painted paper
What your kit fee includes:
  • 3 Lantern forms
  • 3 LED tealights to illuminate your lantern
  • Enough Japanese paper for 3 lanterns
  • Additional papers for collage
  • Use of encaustic paint, inks, brushes, stencils and other tools and materials during class
What you'll want to bring:
  • An apron or smock
  • A few laser printed or photocopied images (black and white or color, no inkjet - or use mine)
  • Favorite mylar stencils - I'll have a few you can use
  • A couple of fine mist sprayers, if you have them - or borrow mine!
What students are saying about learning encaustic painting with Bridget Benton:
"It was easy working with Bridget and I felt successful at the end of the day - yay!"
"I learned so much today with a variety of techniques and materials. Bridget's enthusiasm is so inspiring!"
"It was so wonderful and such a great creative outlet!"
Cost $145 plus $25 materials fee 
Natural Impressions: Ink & Wax
The ultimate mixed media experience! In this two-day, beginner-friendly class, you’ll learn multiple ways to take advantage of the wonderful ways that encaustic can mix with collage and natural materials. Because encaustic paint is a mixture of filtered beeswax and tree resin, it’s a “natural fit” with prints and impressions of found objects like shells, bones, and leaves.
We’ll spend the first day experimenting with basic nature printing techniques and learning encausic essentials. During the second day, we’ll apply layers of encaustic and play with embedding our printed papers and even natural like leaves. You'll also learn how to do a basic water transfer of your favorite images. I’ll also cover various ways of using R&F pigment sticks and pastels to highlight and finish your encaustic pieces.
You’ll have a chance to work on up to four panels sized from 6”x6” to 8”x10”, with all materials included. You may want to bring some newsprint. While the class will focus on using natural materials, you can print just about anything – the skills you’ll learn will easily translate to your own projects.
What you'll learn:
  • The basics of direct nature printing - getting ink impressions on paper from natural objects
  • The basics of working with encaustic paint on Encausticbord
  • How to make a leaf print directly into encaustic paint
  • How to collage your nature prints and other papers into encaustic
  • How to embed natural materials in encaustic
  • How to do a basic water transfer
What your kit fee includes:
  • 4 Encausticbord panels 6” x 6” to 8”x 10” (you choose your sizes)
  • Printing Paper
  • Photocopies of several of my nature prints for transfers
  • Use of encaustic paints, inks, pigment sticks, torches, and other tools and materials during the class
What you'll want to bring:
  • A torch, if you have one – I’ll have some folks can borrow
  • Apron or smock
  • Newsprint pad, 18”x24” 50 sheets (I'll have some you can use)
  • Feathers, shells, bones, teeth, pressed leaves and other things that might make an interesting print or impression in the wax – I’ll have things you can use, but feel free to bring your own!
  • Photocopied images for photo transfers (black and white work best)
What students are saying about learning encaustic painting with Bridget Benton:
"Bridget was very knowledgeable and made a non-artist feel like an artist!"
"Awesome! Learned so much – great style of teaching."
"Informative and fun. I appreciated Bridget's willingness to adapt her instruction to student interest . . . I liked getting a great array of ideas/techniques for future experimentation and practice."
"Wonderfully amazing. Great with the group and for me as an individual. [It was my] first time with any of the info and had a great time."
Or, Schedule Your Own Private Class!
Custom Encaustic Instruction - Individual & Small Group
Curious about painting and collaging with wax? I offer personalized, one-on-one instruction at my home studio. Learn what you want to learn and work at your own pace! The session is three hours long, and includes all materials and a reference handout to take home, for $145. Bring a friend, and the price goes to $200 - meaning you each save $45! Each student will get two pre-primed Encausticbord panels to work on, along with collage materials and access to a variety of encaustic paints and tools. (Unfortunately, due to studio limitations, I cannot accommodate groups larger than four people at this time).
We'll cover all the basics, and then focus on the aspects you find most interesting: collage, incising, scraping, building texture in the wax, and drawing on the surface. Contact me directly to schedule your session.
Sessions are 3 hours long, and I prefer to schedule on weekdays and weekend days from 1-4 p.m. (Note: a 50% deposit may be required to hold your time. Your deposit will not be refunded if you cancel with less than 48 hours notice.)
Occasionally, I run small classes focused on specific encaustic techniques. These classes are intended for individuals with some encaustic experience. To hear about these classes as they are scheduled, sign up for my mailing list.

Instruction is held at my home studio, Hearth, in West Asheville, NC.  The exact address will be given at registration.

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