Online Workshop The Creative Conversation: Finding Your Voice
Your voice. It's how you express yourself, make yourself known and get your message out there. In artmaking, "voice" is also the specific quality or style that makes your work . . . yours. But knowing what we want to say - much less saying it authentically, in our own style - can be harder than it sounds. I've designed this workshop to help you uncover your unique creative voice and make the art that's really yours to make. As an added benefit, by getting a firmer handle on who you are as a creative, you can make more grounded decisions about where to put your creative energy and focus.
You can do the work at your own pace - exercises and inspirations will be emailed to you every Wednesday, and there will be a new post on a private blog every week. For the duration of the class, you can comment, ask questions, and share your process privately with me via email and/or through the comments on the blog.
You can benefit from this workshop if:
  • You feel like your creative voice has been stifled or silenced in some way, and you're trying to find it again
  • You've been experimenting creatively but don't feel like you've really found your authentic voice
  • You feel scattered. You've got a bunch of creative ideas, but can't seem to focus
  • You feel stuck in a creative rut and want to re-energize your work
  • You can make things that look "good," but you don't feel like they're infused with your unique creative spark
  • You want to dive deeper into your artmaking
Here's some of what you'll learn:
  • The nature of your own unique creative lineage
  • What it is you MOST need to say with your art
  • How to address the voice of the inner critic
  • What makes your work unique, including your own authentic mark-making, personal symbolic language, and the threads that run through your work
Here's what's included in the Basic Workshop:
  • Articles and step-by-step art exercises posted on a private, password-protected blog 
  • Journaling prompts, blog links and inspirational extras arriving in your inbox each week to keep you on track
  • A .pdf copy of my book, The Creative Conversation: ArtMaking as Playful Prayer - I'll be referencing the book and it's a good companion on the journey
  • A private Facebook group for class participants so you can easily share images of what you're working on and stay in touch
  • The opportunity to ask questions of me via email, blog or Facebook group and get personal support for your creative journey during the eight week class
  • The option to attend two "live" online sessions, one early in the workshop and one towards the end (scheduling to be determined based on participant time zones)
  • Access to the blog and the Facebook group for a full year 
  • Extra time built into the class to catch up or go deeper
  • The opportunity to ask questions, explore ideas, and share work in a community of other people facing some of the same challenges you are
Or, Upgrade to the Deluxe Package and get these amazing extras - the things that previous participants indicated were the most valuable:
  • A special "Creativity Pack" to inspire you mailed to your door that includes collage materials, art project ideas, and a mini-poster of the 12 Actions and Attitudes of Artmaking
  • A paperback copy of my book, The Creative Conversation: ArtMaking as Playful Prayer - easier to read than the .pdf version
  • An individual 60-minute phone or Skype coaching session with me to work out particular issues or concerns - I'll be available to you via email during the class as well, but sometimes email doesn't cut it!
Here's what past participants say about this online class:
"I loved the face-to-face chat with Bridget. It was really motivating, she was so lovely and encouraging. . . . [Bridget did] a fantastic job organizing this class! It is thought provoking and deeply inspirational." - S.B., Ashford, South Australia, Australia
"Any time there is encouragement to just fool around, I'll take it. . . .The exercise about one's critic was very helpful. . . . that gave me a few insights. . . .I loved receiving the book and packet of images in the mail. " A.B., Portland, Oregon, USA
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