Online Living the Creative Conversation: A Support Circle for ArtMakers
Living the creative conversation means being engaged with your creativity as a part of your everyday life and tuning in to your own authentic creative voice. Living the creative conversation is about making your creative expression a priority in your life. The goal of the workshop is to help you make art more spontaneously, joyfully, and intuitively.
I'd like to invite you to join us.
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Class runs for 14 weeks 
Cost as low as $49.95
Over the fourteen weeks of the workshop, you'll be co-creating a support circle with a group of like-minded creatives, with me (Bridget Benton) as facilitator and guide. Being a part of an online community can help you focus, inspire you to try new techniques, and encourage you to take risks. Being with and talking to other folks who are facing the same challenges around creativity reminds us that we're not alone!
Three years ago, I published The Creative Conversation: ArtMaking as Playful Prayer. In the book, I share the tools that I used to help me move through blocks and make art more consistently - and with a lot more joy! I love the metaphor of prayer for artmaking: it is the conversation we engage in as we dive into the process of making art and a practice that has the potential to move us more deeply into a connection with our highest selves. This isn't about religion; it's about listening to that inner creative voice.
We'll be using my book, The Creative Conversation: ArtMaking as Playful Prayer as a focus and structure for the group, though group input and participation will ultimately co-create the workshop. We'll work through the book together, chapter by chapter, with weekly emails, six online instant message hangouts, six conference calls, and regular check-ins in our private Facebook group! That's lots of opportunities to connect, ask questions, share your concerns, and tap into the support of the group in a way that works for you.
You can benefit from the workshop if you:
  • Feel isolated in your efforts to be more creative
  • Want to jumpstart your creative efforts
  • Wish artmaking was a bigger part of your day-to-day life
  • Get stuck or blocked in your artmaking
  • Desire more spontaneity and joy in your artmaking
  • Haven't read The Creative Conversation but have been curious about artmaking as a spiritual practice
  • Have started reading The Creative Conversation but never finished it
  • Have read The Creative Conversation but want to get more out of it
  • Feel ready to take a closer look at what's holding you back creatively
And you can benefit even if visual art isn't your focus - I'm a visual artist, writer, and performer - and these principles apply in any creative endeavor. I've seen writers and performers benefit from the book. Heck, I've even found the 12 Attitudes and Actions of ArtMaking to be useful as I navigate relationships!
What we'll be covering during the workshop:
  • Examining and questioning our definitions of "art" and "artist"
  • The value of process-oriented artmaking
  • Establishing an artmaking or studio space that supports making
  • Finding the materials that work for you
  • Getting into creative flow
  • The 12 Attitudes and Actions of Artmaking, or the Flow Factors
  • Setting intentions in your artmaking
  • What inspiration is really all about
  • Making decisions in artmaking
  • Dealing with an overload of ideas
  • Moving through Blocks: Resistance, Judgement, and Completion 
  • Dealing with your inner critic
  • Intuition and how to discover and listen to your authentic inner voice
  • Developing a community to support your artmaking
  • Weekly hands-on artmaking challenges
What's included:
  • A .pdf copy of the book, The Creative Conversation: ArtMaking as Playful Prayer 
  • Round-the-clock access to a private Facebook group that will allow you to ask questions, connect with other members of the group, seek support, and share images of your work - I'll be checking in daily!
  • Weekly emails to spark your interest in that week's topic as well as offering a deeper understanding of the book chapters and the 12 Attitudes and Actions of Artmaking
  • Weekly creative challenges
  • Two "Break Weeks" to give you a breather and catch up
  • Six on-line instant messaging chats, scheduled on Sundays from 1-2 pm PST
  • Six conference calls, scheduled on Mondays from 5:30-6:30 PST
  • A .pdf mini-poster of the 12 Actions and Attitudes of ArtMaking
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