ArtMaking as Playful Prayer
I have been facilitating this in-depth, hands-on artmaking experience since 2004 - and it's definitely one of my favorites! We explore a variety of devotional art forms, and use them to engage in dialogue with our own inner voice and sources of inspiration. The work in this class has been so transformational for me that I'm currently working on a book about it!
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ArtMaking as Playful Prayer
at Hearth, my home studio
All materials and a copy of the book included
Limit 6 participants
$345 includes all materials and a copy of the book
for more information or to reserve your space, e-mail me at
In this workshop, we explore artmaking as a playful, joyous and non-judgmental way of reconnecting with the creative self and our sources of inspiration. This eight-week workshop is for anyone who wants to rediscover their own intuitive creative power and connection to the greater world.
We start by looking at images of art from different places and spiritual traditions - it's a great warm-up and participants often end up re-examining the way they think about art. In the spirit of this broader definition of artmaking, participants will have the opportunity to write, explore personal symbols, experiment with intuitive collage, and create without critique.
The participants help to set the pace of the class and will be able to make independent choices regarding what projects they pursue. Usually, we work with mandalas, touch-drawing, intuitive collage, prayer flags, and journals as well as personal shrines - either in a cigar box, or in a drawer. We do learn different techniques, but the focus is on tapping into your own creativity and learning to listen to your art and what it has to tell you. Best of all, you'll leave the class with ideas and inspiration for nurturing this creative spark in your everyday life.
Sample Project Gallery
Here's what people say about the class:
"I absolutely loved your class, it was so good for my heart and soul . . . Yay for art, and thank you for all your efforts in making a safe and vibrant place in which to grow and have fun!" B.W., Portland, OR
"The best part was the variety of the activities, the amount of time to play, and the fun supplies you brought each week . . . It was a pleasure to take this class from you and I look forward to taking more in the future, that's for sure!" D.C., Salem, OR
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